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Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?


The electronic cigarette is making huge waves in the cigarette industry, where improvements have been needed for a very long time. So if you are ready to quit smoking, now is the time! This is clearly the most effective tool ever designed to combat smoke. After using the Smokesation starter kit, over 91 percent of our customers report that they are very satisfied. They are now living their lives smoke free and enjoying fresh air. This success rate speaks volumes to the ingenuity of the innovators that are working tirelessly worldwide. Their work to refine and develop electronic cigarette technologies has been greatly appreciated by many. The electronic cigarette works and we have the track record to prove it!

It's true that millions of Americans have made the jump to Electronic Cigarettes already. They are living smoke free today because of it! The results experienced by the electronic cigarette industry are night and day. Quitting smoking is a major decision and easily one of the most important decisions. It could add years to a person's life, and we guarantee it will make them feel healthier and happier. At Smokesation, we are dedicated to helping smokers free themselves from smoke. We understand how hard it is, because we were once smokers just like so many millions out there. Smokesation gave us back our lungs and we are committed to sharing that experience with the entire world.


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US Cigarettes have more Cancer agents than other countries

(CBS)  U.S. cigarette brands expose smokers to higher levels of cancer-causing agents than brands from three other countries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found in a new study. The study found that, for the first time, the major carcinogens and cancer-causing agents in tobacco products, which researchers call [...]

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Smoking & Tobacco use :: Fact Sheet :: Office on Smoking and Health CDC

Click below to read the entire article: Link to article Smoking and Tobacco use:: Fact sheet from the CDC   Some important Highlights: Morbidity and Mortality (Related to Tobacco Use) Tobacco and Disease Tobacco use causes— Cancer Heart disease Lung diseases (including emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction) Cigarette smoking increases the length of time that people live with a disability by about 2 [...]

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