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Why switch to an Electronic Cigarette?

We answer some common questions below, but if you have further questions please feel free to ask us using the form below.


QUESTION: What is an electronic cigarette? 

ANSWER: It’s just that. It’s electronic and you drag on it like a cigarette. There is a battery, an atomizer and a liquid flavor in a filter like media. When the user takes a drag on the “e-cig”, it activates the battery which charges the atomizer and warms up the liquid turning it into a harmless vapor. While older technology used a 3 piece unit with replaceable atomizers and cartridges, Smokesation uses the latest 2 piece technology which puts the atomizer and cartridge together into a "Cartomizer". Whew.....that's a lot to comprehend. We just simply call it an electronic cigarette.



QUESTION: How do you use it?
ANSWER: To the user, it is used similar to a cigarette, you drag on it maybe a little lighter than a cigarette, but it has the “throat hit” of a cigarette, and the user blows out “vapor”, not smoke, that looks and feels like a cigarette.

QUESTION: What are the advantages to an electronic cigarette versus regular cigarettes?
ANSWER: Unlike regular cigarettes which are being banned most everywhere , electronic cigarettes are not against the law and can be enjoyed in most places. There is no fire, no ashes, no smell, no butts about it.

QUESTION: How can that be?
ANSWER: Because electronic cigarettes produce a “vapor” when puffed on. There is no second hand smoke, no tar, no carcinogens, no mess, no ashes. Just a harmless vapor that dissipates in a few seconds. Actually it is called “vaping” because there is no smoke.

How close is the sensation to regular cigarettes?
ANSWER: To the user, it is just like smoking, except when you put it down it doesn’t keep burning and you don’t have to relight it. The only time it works is when you puff on it. The amount of “throat hit” and vapor has to do with how long and slow you drag on it. With regular and light nicotine strengths to choose from and tobacco or menthol flavors, it’s about as close to the real thing as you can get.

QUESTION: How did you get started with electronic cigarettes?
ANSWER: I had a health scare with my heart (I’m 58 years old and overweight) and everyone was on my case even harder about quitting smoking (like always but much worse). By fate, I saw an add about an electronic cigarette, bought it and tried it out. I liked the idea but it was a “cheesy” product and lacked much quality. I tried several others but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. Then one day while at a doctors appointment I was nervously waiting for the doctor in the examining room. I pulled out the e-cig and was puffing away when the doctor walked in. He took one look at me and all I could think to do was hold it up and say, “electronic… see, no smell”. He asked if I had quit regular cigarettes completely and I said, ‘Absolutely!!!’  He then stuck out his hand and congratulated me. I couldn’t believe it. I just blew “smoke” in my doctor’s face and he congratulates me. That’s when I decided to find the best product manufactured in the world and offer others the chance to kick a habit I had fought for 43 years.

QUESTION: How bad has it been for you since doing without cigarettes?
ANSWER: I‘m not doing without. I’m “vaping away”.  I had a follow up visit with my doctor a month later and I had lost 6 pounds and haven’t been the least bit nervous or hateful at all. Not only that, now my doctor refers his smoking patients to me. He loves it. He said they have prescribed nicotine patches and nicotine gum for years. It’s not the nicotine that the doctor’s have a problem with but all the other “stuff“ that this doesn‘t have.

QUESTION: How expensive is it compared to cigarettes?
ANSWER: Here in North Carolina a carton of premium cigarettes costs between $45-$55 depending on the brand you buy. If you smoke a pack a day that’s between $135-$170 dollars a month on cigarettes. With SMOKESATION you can expect to spend between $40-$70 up front for the hardware and about a weeks worth of cartomizers. Then the cost really goes down.  With our cartomizers you can almost cut your monthly cigarette bill in half.

QUESTION: But I like smoking and what if I don’t want to quit?
ANSWER: You owe it to yourself to try out our Starter Kit. Then you can see if it’s for you all the time or just when you’re somewhere they don’t allow smoking and can’t do without. It sure is great on car trips with non-smokers in the car. I just “vape” like crazy and they can’t say a thing because there is nothing to bother them. Kind of makes you feel like you’re getting away with something.

QUESTION: After I try it, then what if I don’t like it and don’t think it will help me?
ANSWER: Then you will have known that you gave it an honest try. I like to ask people to try nothing but SMOKESATION for 1 week. At the end of that week if you don’t like it, pack up everything but the used cartomizers and send it back to me. I will be glad to refund your money. You just pay a couple of bucks to ship it back. What do you have to lose?


If you have any questions that we have not answered here please send us a message and one of our customer service representatives will respond back to you with more information.