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Regular vs V-go Kits

Regular battery vs V-Go

Regular battery (white): Contains 280mah battery with an automatic vacuum switch.

Size: 9.2 mm x 116mm with cartomizer (regular 100 cigarette is 8.5mm x 100mm)

To use the regular battery when a cartomizer is connected all you have to do is puff on the cartomizer end (preferably a little softer and a little longer than a cigarette). This process engages the vacuum switch and the battery sends power to the atomizer (heating element) in the cartomizer. The atomizer, when heating up, then causes the liquid in the cartomizer to turn into harmless water vapor.

Advantages: Designed for light to regular smoker

It “smokes” like a cigarette and there is nothing else to do to operate it

It looks like a cigarette with the red LED light on the end

Approximately 150 puffs before recharging (about 3/4 pack)

Will allow for hands free use


V-Go battery (black): 650mah battery with a manual switch.

Size: 14mm x 110mm with cartomizer

To use the V-Go press the manual switch while puffing on the cartomizer end. Let off the switch as you finish puffing. The switch is more efficient than the automatic (white battery) because the vacuum switch in the automatic is pulling air across the heating element (atomizer) while it is trying to heat up and causing a slight cooling effect. With the V-Go if you hold the unit up to your ear and press the switch you can hear the liquid “vaporizing” in the chamber.

Advantages: Designed for regular to heavy smoker

Puts out more vapor

“Throat hit” is more like that of a conventional cigarette

With the larger size, black body and blue LED light on the end you can see it is NOT a cigarette

Approximately 500-600 puffs before recharging (2 ½ - 3 packs) so for a heavy smoker it should last all day before needing recharging. No need to carry a spare or require mid-day recharging.