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Carla - 7/23/2012

One week using Smokesation; I have smoke only two cigarettes. I can say it tasted horrible. I am on 11mg now and getting ready to step down to 6mg. Thank you to my friend Wendy for sharing her's with me and thank you Smoksation! Anyone who isn't sure about it, I will tell you it works and is AWESOME! Even got one for my mother. Starter kit is same price as a carton of cigarettes, so no excuses!

Mary - 7/15/2012

A Smokesation kit was bought for me as gift from my husband. I've been a smoker off and on for about 35 years. Last fall when I received my gift I didn't think much of it. I thought I would fail in using this thing as much as I failed at trying to quit with everything else. In the last 6 months I have started to use it more & more. I really dislike real cigarette smoke, but love the ritual. Now I am a true vapper, because of the other night at a friends house. There was a smoker there and it was a small place and he was allowed to smoke. As time went along I thought I was suffocating and my clothes, OMG! I excused myself many times to step outside so I could breath. To no avail; I finally had to leave the place. These days, there are not to many indoor smoking parties like the old days. I can make a box of cartimizers last now for about 2 weeks. I just bought a portable charging case cause I misplaced my usb charger. E-cigs are my vice and other people have theirs; I'm happy with it.

Christine - 6/22/2012

This ecigarette is amazing! I had no intention of quitting smoking. I just bought this so that I could use it in stores, around my grandbaby and in movie theaters. I havent been to the movies in 20 years because I cant smoke. I have been a smoker for 32 years. I only quit twice and that was while I was pregnant. But one day on my Smokesation and I was done with cigarettes!! The taste is better than any other ecig I have tried and I now dont have to worry about lighters, burns, ashtrays or smelling like a cigarette butt!! I am now 5 days free of cigs, so is my daughter and so is my mother. Thanks Smokesation!!!

Jennifer - 6/7/2012

i have been smoking for the last 26 years and my dad starting using the v-go that he bought 5 weeks ago and he has been smoking for 42 years years and quit and he started selling the product and i saw with my own eyes and saw how good my dad liked it and i bought the mini kit and it helped me quit also so i even went back and bought the v-go from him and now i have both of the cigarettes .i truely would tell anyboby who truely want to quit buy this product it really does work !!!!!:)

Jeanette - 6/4/2012

Love the product, best one I've tried. Have recommended it to my girlfriend she is also very happy with the results



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