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Why SmokeSation?

Dear Smokesation.com Visitors,


Smokesation is a small company based in Charlotte, NC. The business is family owned by ex smokers, who wouldn’t be smoke free today if not for this product. Both of our founders have lost loved ones to smoking related diseases. It is these personal experiences that have led us head first into the electronic cigarette industry. At Smokesation we believe in the electronic cigarette and in its power to help people free their lives of smoke. Some of our clients use the e-cigarette strictly as a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, with no intention to end their nicotine consumption. This is their choice! Other customers have used the electronic cigarette to slowly reduce their nicotine consumption by gradually scaling down from our Full Strength cartridges to our Zero nicotine cartridges which contain only flavoring compounds. These individuals have not only beaten smoke but their nicotine addiction as well. Whichever method you choose, one thing is certain, ridding your life of smoke is a major step that can only better your health. We are by no means endorsing nicotine, but facts are facts, and regardless how you spin them—the vast majority of smoking related deaths are caused by smoke, not nicotine!

The electronic cigarette is easily the most effective tool ever developed to combat smoke. When contacted one month after purchasing a Smokesation starter kit, over 91% of our customers report that they are not only satisfied with our product, but they are living their lives smoke free. Such a high effectiveness rate is no coincidence; it is a testament to the ingenuity of the innovators that are working tirelessly worldwide to refine and develop electronic cigarette technologies. The electronic cigarette works!… and everyday thanks to hundreds of small distributors across this country, more and more people are learning about this amazing product. Millions of Americans have made the jump to Electronic Cigarettes already, and they are smoke free today because of it! When compared to the effectiveness of other smoking cessation and nicotine replacement products, such as Gums, Patches, Lozenges, and Prescription Drugs, the results experienced by the electronic cigarette industry are night and day. Many of these competing products, although far more established in the United States, publish effectiveness rates as low as 10%... It is amazing that their industries continue to rake in billions of dollars each and every year when they fail to make any substantial dent in the smoking epidemic.


Quitting smoking is a major decision and easily one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It could add years to your life, and we guarantee you will feel healthier and happier when you succeed. At Smokesation we are committed to helping smokers free themselves from smoke. We understand how hard it is, because we were once smokers just like you. Smokesation gave us back our lungs and we are committed to sharing that experience with the world. If we can save even one smoker, it’s more than worth it.


On the Smokesation web-site, facebook and twitter pages you will find a wealth of information on e-cigarettes and the political controversies that are heating up around our industry. Aside from simple company news on the products and services we offer, we are constantly combing the web for articles written by respected scholars and politicians who have decided to make a stand for what’s right. We will make everything we find available on our blog and news pages. We hope that you take the time to browse this information and learn the facts about our amazing product.

We are smoke free today because of Smokesation electronic cigarettes. We feel healthier. We are healthier. And if you are a long-term smoker struggling as we once were, we give you our word that using Smokesation over traditional cigarettes can make a significant difference in your health too!


If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to helping you breathe again!

Sincerely, Brian & Mike
Co-Owners, Smokesation.com


The Smokesation Electronic Cigarette is the most advanced electronic cigarette on the market today!

There are other electronic cigarette brands that employ outdated or sub-standard technologies. Smokesations breakthrough 2-piece design was developed to correct the problems commonly experienced with the early 3-piece e-cigarettes models.

NJoy™, Blu™, and Smoking-Everywhere™, still sell outdated 3-piece technology.

3-Piece e-Cigarettes consist of a battery, a reusable atomizer, and a cheap plastic nicotine cap which leaves the nicotine pad fully exposed.

3-piece electronic cigarettes are unsanitary and messy,

Because the atomizing chamber is not disposable, 3-piece models create the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Some models not only re-use the atomizer, but also the nicotine cap and pad, which must be manually refilled with messy liquid. If not properly cleaned, these tips will grow fungus over time. In some 3-piece models your mouth is exposed to the same tip time and time again which is anything but sanitary. With replaceable cap models, it is nearly impossible to avoid getting sticky nicotine liquid on your fingers and mouth. This liquid can be very irritating to the skin, and with lower quality e-liquids can even burn the oral mucosa in your mouth.

3-piece electronic cigarettes sacrifice freshness, convenience, economy, and safety!

Because the nicotine pads are fully exposed inside a pen-cap style plastic cylinder, the nicotine liquid is not adequately sealed for freshness. The nicotine pads inside these caps dry out quickly, leading to inconsistent vapor thicknesses and a dry burnt flavor. These cheap plastic caps, which are manufactured for less than two pennies, are simply not designed to store vapor liquid properly. The exposed nicotine pads only accommodate a small amount of vapor liquid, and must be replaced often which leads to increased costs and unnecessary hassle. The reusable atomizer in these models must be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance and avoid corrosion. When replacing the nicotine cap or cleaning the atomizer, it is easy to disturb the sensitive heating element which can cause the device to stop working altogether, and even lead to fire risks!

Smokesation's easy 2 piece design addresses all of these problems!

The Smokesation electronic cigarette is elegantly designed with convenience and quality in mind. Our electronic cigarettes feature only two easy to use components: the battery and our disposable atomized flavor cartridges (cartomizer)—with fresh-seal technology! Simple screw a fresh cartromizer onto your Smokesation battery and your ready to go!

Our innovative disposable cartridges require no cleaning and no sticky mess. The vapor liquid is fully sealed within an aluminum cylinder to insure freshness, and can hold up to three times the liquid volume of ordinary 3-piece models. With Smokesation not only will your vapor stay fresh, but you get more of it! Every cartomizer is filled by hand and sealed for Maximum freshness! You can tell the difference just holding a Smokesation cartomizer in your hand. Smokesations cartomizers don’t feel like cheap plastic junk.

Because the nicotine pad is enclosed within the cartomizer, you never need to touch it, and it will never leak. No sticky mess, no refilling cartridges, and nowhere for bacteria to breed. The parts that are exposed to your lips and mouth are replaced with every fresh cartomizer! Smokesation cartomizers feature a brand new atomizer every time. That’s right! A fresh atomizer is included in every vapor cartridge. No atomizer maintenance, no hassles, and no cleaning! With Smokesation you can’t even see the atomizer, yet alone damage it. The sensitive heating elements are protected inside the cartridge and won’t degrade in quality, because their only used once! You get consistent thick vapor every time!

If you’re looking for the best personal vaporizer on the market, Smokesation’s your answer. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. With Smokesation you know you’ve bought the best!


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